POWDER ROOM Renovation: Week 3 ORC

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Week 3 of my Powder Room renovation!  

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The walls are prepped and I'm pretty much ready to move forward with the decoration aspect of this renovation.   The only thing nibbling at me is the shower tile.  It's just your basic builder-grade small white square tiles.  It's nice, it's clean, it's white.  But, heck!  I'm a designer!  I feel like the One Room Challenge Gods may be looking down at me and cursing me for taking the easy route!  

So, yes - after several days of mulling it over - I decide that the existing shower tile has to go.  But, I know that there is a window behind all of that tile.  Am I opening up a can of worms?  YES!  I think we can all agree that removing the existing tile will certainly create new havoc with the renovation.

So, my tile guy is here.  I tell him that he's got to get rid of the shower tile now before he lays the new floor.  He's quick, efficient and careful.  Within about 30 minutes all of the tile is gone.  And 

BEAUTIFUL DAYLIGHT in my shower!  I am soooo excited that the sun is shining in here, I am thrilled with my rash decision.  David, my tile man, starts laying out the herringbone pattern I've decided on.  This is no easy task.  The marble didn't come in narrow planks like I envisioned from all of those Pinterest pictures.  Rather, I had to buy a large rectangular tile and he had to cut all of them in half to get the narrow width that I was anticipating.  Plus, there were too many dark grey tiles in the mix - so, I had him eliminate all of those. 
Needless to say, David was patient and did a fantastic job with the floor.  I am THRILLED with how beautifully it came out.

So, now back to the exposed, yet rotting window....
I was in a bit of a dilemma last week.  I knew there was a window there - but I wasn't able to get accurate measurements for it because it was behind the tile.  Therefore, I wasn't able to order a new window ASAP (meaning, in enough time to finish off the ORC in 6 weeks).  But, I did order the window.  I really wanted a decorative casement window like this:
This is one of my windows in the front of my house.  However, wouldn't ya know - the diamond pane windows are the most expensive ones!  (sigh...)   Okay, so I just ordered a regular 9-pane casement window.  It's due to arrive the 1st week of November (no earlier) - the same week that the ORC officially ends.  (double sigh...)  But, as I said a while back - this is real life and I want to make my renovation the best that it can be within my budget.  So, I'll still finish the ORC - it will just be on my own timeline!  (but aiming for November 11th).


Happily, my vanity is coming along VERY nicely and very quickly!  The above (left) photo is the inspiration piece and the drawing (above right) is how I envision the custom piece.
Mitch Mitton, my carpenter extrordinaire, took my basic drawings and ran with it.  Here are a few photos of the doors being created.

Another photo of the door and here the front legs, too.

There's a laundry list of what's left to be done.
1.  Install new toilet
2.  Seal marble floor.
3.  Paint window.
4.  Install Window - remove old termite infested and rotting wood surround
5.  Put up green board in shower area
6.  Tile shower area
7.  Reinstall existing Shower head etc.  
8.  Finish installing base.  Install crown.
9.  Wallpaper.
10.  Install vanity, vanity top and backsplash.
11.  Reinstall sconces
12. Install towel bars and toilet paper holder.
13.  Accessorize and prep for professional photos.

And, sadly, only items #1 & #2 can be done before the window is installed.  But, the window delivery should be in about 2 weeks!  Gotta look on the bright side!

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ORC Week Two: Powder Room Restoration

Thursday, October 13, 2016

It's the end of Week Two for my Powder Room restoration - One Room Challenge.  Thanks for checking back in!

For those of you that may be new to the post - the One Room Challenge dares you to design/redesign a room in less than 6 weeks.  There's no prize - just the satisfaction of being
able to complete a project under the gun.  However, I've realized that in order to masterfully "finish" in time - you REALLY need to have a good plan mapped out for ultimate success.
 I'm telling you all of this because I didn't "map out" this particular powder room renovation before I took the plunge and joined in the ORC fun.  Obviously, any kind of renovation work will have it's fair share of bumps in the road, but this week, I uncovered a small pothole.

Read on...you'll see.  It's something that I knew about, but wasn't mentally prepared to make a decision on until it was revealed- nor could I.

I saw this gorgeous beauty of a vanity last winter in a showroom while sourcing tile for a client.  She didn't need a vanity, but I took a photo of it anyway to remember it for another client.  Who KNEW that the deserving client would be "little ole me"!  How FABULOUS!  As it turns out, my champagne tastes and beer budget didn't really allow me to be able to purchase this particular model.  So, I improvised and called up Mitch Mitton, the cabinet-maker extrordinaire!  I was lucky enough to catch Mitch in between jobs, so he was able to take on the task of recreating a vanity similar to this one for me.

I absolutely love the fret work on this piece.  However, the wallpaper that I selected is a Chinois pattern and I thought that I ought to use a more simple Chippendale-type of style fretwork to go with it.  Here's the Pinterest photo that inspired the look for the new vanity fretwork:
So, Mitch has taken on the project and he'll create a more simple fretwork pattern (like this) for the vanity.

The next task in this powder room was to strip the walls.  I was a little more than bummed about the damage to my Thibaut wallpaper.  But, I should be happy that I got nine years worth of looking at it.  It was so easy to strip, I think I did it in 20 minutes! HA!

            My jack-of-all-trades man, Luis came to patch the walls, install the baseboard and prime.
But, before he came, I knew that I had to get rid of the shower arch.  It wasn't planned, but, the arch was driving me crazy.  It was low and kind of made the space feel a little claustrophobic.  OFF it went!  Yahoo!!  Immediately the difference was amazing - as you can see!

It gets better!  Luis hasn't even repaired the walls or primed yet.  I'm SOOO excited to get rid of the blue walls.

And, here we are at the end of Week Two.  The space is taking shape again and looking bigger.  I love the white and am excited about the next steps.  Or, am I?

Stay tuned for next week.  There's a WINDOW behind the shower wall.  A rotted window.  I'm trying to cut costs with this renovation.  But, I'm not too certain that I want to keep the existing ceramic square tiles when I found such a gorgeous pearl shell tile to replace it.

1.  Should I  tile over the existing window, even though it's rotted?     (seems to be the least expensive route)
2.  Should I spend the money on a new window and tile over it using the pearl shell tile as the focal point on the wall?     OR,
3.  Should I spend the money on a new window, tile around it while forsaking my original design and apparant LUST for this pearl shell tile (and use the Pearl Shell tile, but at a minimum)?

Regardless, whatever I do, I can't do much until the shower tile is removed and I'm able to look at the damage and measure the window and order a new one.  That happens tomorrow.

Ah the life of an interior designer!  Decisions, decisions!  Stay tuned for next week and I'll tell you what I've decided.

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Fall 2016 - ONE ROOM CHALLENGE: Week One!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Yes indeedy folks - it's Linda's semi-annual ONE ROOM CHALLENGE again and this week I decided to throw in my towel and participate with the best of them!

After completing my Family Den project last Spring (see Final photos here) - I didn't think I'd be attempting to complete another home project for the Fall.  But, I think "The Man Upstairs" had something else in mind for me. While out of town this summer, my 1st Floor Powder Room flooded - ruining the existing 1st Floor Powder Room space and pretty much wreaking havoc (read:  Mold City) in our basement.
The Powder Room floors and toilet were ripped out and dry wall was cut where the mold was growing.  Insurance covered a lot of the mold and flooding issues.  But, having an insurance agent come and itemize things along with a contractor and receiving the replacement cost check is a tediously slow and agonizing process.

During that time, I tried to imagine how I might redecorate the space and make it more to my liking. The old Powder Room was pretty, but dark.

I'm excited to renovate this Powder Room because I'd like to renovate more bathroom spaces for my clients.  I'm going to use this One Room Challenge process as my sounding board or guinea pig for future use.

Here is my scope of work:

1.  Remove existing Thibaut wallpaper
2.  Drywall walls, install baseboard, prime walls
3.  Remove exising ARCH in shower area
4.  Retile Shower Area
5.  New Vanity, top, faucets and sink
6.  New Toilet
7.  Install crown moulding
8.  Wallpaper
9.  Paint an existing free-standing cabinet
10.  Shower Curtain

A lot of hiccops occur during renovations.  So, I will start this process with my fingers crossed.  I don't know if I'll be able to finish in the 6 week time-frame.  But, I have a goal!

Stick with me, I'll try and keep it interesting!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

CatMax Photography
Okay - finishing this Challenge was AMAZING!

After six weeks of blogging, making quick and fast decisions, my Den makeover is DONE!
CatMax Photography
And, I am pinching myself over the transformation!

CatMax Photography

Remember these sad BEFORE shots?
And now my family has a beautiful room to sit their sweaty bodies on and jump on the sofa with their clay covered cleats!  YEA!
That is why these professional shots are so important to me.
It won't get better any prettier after this!  But it's DONE!
CatMax Photography
 Putting together a room in 6 weeks sounds pretty easy on Day 1 of Week 1.  And, it is actually.  If you know what the plan is and what you're going to order - it should all run smoothly.  Right?
CatMax Photography
 HA!  Not always so!   But, I was very fortunate for this project and didn't have to worry about fabrics not being in stock, deliveries not coming in on time, or workmen not being available.
In fact, all of my workrooms, vendors and photographer were really helpful and obliging.  So, first and foremost I have to thank them for all of their hard work (making me look good) and finishing on or before the deadlines.
CatMax Photography
 What makes this 6 week Challenge challenging is that you have to make firm decisions and then run with it.  You have to handle any type of decisions or problems quickly and efficiently.  Although I had all of my major pieces in the room by last week, the room lacked the finishing touches.  The window treatments weren't up, the pillows, artwork, lamps and accessories were mising.

I'd previously purchased a large 60" canvas from Wisteria.
I knew a more contemporary piece would help the room "pop", but as it turns out - the artwork that I bought - although pretty - was more of a flop than a pop for the room.  It took a bit of courage, but on Mother's Day, I brought out the acrylics and completely painted over the existing canvas.  While not a masterpiece, the new version brings a fresh vision to the room and brings the color around the space.  Exactly what I was looking for!
As it turns out, the painted Tea Canister lamps weren't "all that".  I needed something a bit more sophisticated and young for the room.  I grabbed a pair of these crystal column lamps from my basement and added the Ballard Design green linen shades.  I think their simplicity was needed in the room (I mean, don't forget, we have a pair of those Blackamore lamps across the way with the crazy spotted shades!).


In truth, the biggest and best transformation to this room was the addition of more light.
Taking down and throwing out my faded (and ugly) mahogany wood blinds (that came with the house) was probably the best day for me.  As that was the day this room saw natural light!  WHOA!
But, a difference it made!
Thanks for following along with me for these past six weeks!  It was a blast!
If you'd like me to transform one or all of the rooms in your house - please don't hesitate to contact me.  I work with clients in Atlanta and around the country and would LOVE to transform your
room too.  Call or email me!

Thanks Linda @ Calling It Home for this amazing and fun opportunity!
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ORC: Week Five - Details Make the Difference!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

You know those little design details that your interior designer keeps suggesting you use in your room?  You know, the "over the top", "silly", "not worth the expense"  design details?  Well, you ought to listen to your designer because those subtle details are the key elements that can turn your room from Hum-Drum to HELLO!
Thibaut Cheverly Chairs
My chairs arrived!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  The lime green leopard (which may seem a bit garish) is tempered by the chair's classic, English design.  Plus, I was struck by the feminine bamboo legs, button tufts and nailhead trim.  I added a lime green tape underneath the nailhead trim to draw your eye down to those fabulous legs!  Did it work?
I was so excited to pick up my drapery panels last Friday.  They turned out so well!
I specified details to help make the simple panels look a lot more special.  My workroom created goblet pleats with a "knot" design at each base, and we added a solid lime green contrast fabric trim along the top and leading edges of the panels.

As I mentioned in my last post HERE, I found all of the elements for my lucite rod/rings and brass bracket through the helpful posts from three other amazing bloggers.  Thanks to them and the abundance of amazing information one can find on the internet, I was successfully and quickly able to order all of the drapery hardware and have it shipped within a week!  UH-MAZING!

I'd been dreaming about using these GORGEOUS celadon green slag lamps from Times Two Design.  They were a bit pricier than I wanted to pay.  However, this is how I feel about lamps.  Lamps are the jewelry to the room.  Part of the design details that I was talking about earlier, lamps can really change the feel of a room.  Undaunted by the price, I SO wanted these lamps to work.  However, the celadon green color seemed to dramatically clash with my lime green chairs (and not in a good way).  The lamps didn't seem as "important" as I wanted them to be.  I'm picking at straws, but I also thought that maybe they were a bit too thin for the table....

 Anyhow, after that crushing blow, I had to think quickly about what type of lamp should go there.  Simple.  Dana Gibson's Tea Caddy lamp!  But, I wasn't so sure that her greens would work in my room.  Plus, I was kind of hoping to have a mix of green and blue in the lamp.  So, I called my lighting rep and she found me a pair of these green tea caddy lamps.  The green was fun- but, overall, the design was too serious.  Definitely wanted to lighten up the mood a bit!

Out comes my handy-dandy paint brush!
And, as I posted on Instagram this week.....

 hashtag  #EPIC FAIL!!
But, with some sound advice from a trusted facebook friend, I am now on the right track.  Not finished, but one can is painted white.

If the color works, I found these green lampshades.  Otherwise, white shades to the rescue!


Look at the adorable SHADES that Kristi from Sassyshades on Etsy created for me!  Made from Caitlin Wilson's navy Spotty fabric, these shades are the exclamation point in my room!  I can't thank Kristi enough for working with me and finishing way before the deadline!  Love her and the shades!!

I purchased this oversized canvas from Wisteria.  It looks pretty and works "okay" in the room.  But, I don't like it.  It's too representational.  I'd like something a bit more abstract and contemporary with a bit more color.  So, down to the wire - I'm thinking that I'll try and paint over it.  We'll see.  It's one thing to paint lamps, but it's another thing to try and tackle a 60"wide canvas a couple days before I have professional shots taken!  

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That's it for this week!  
See you at the REVEAL next Thursday!